Sunday, November 09, 2014

New Art, New Medium, New Studio

Hello Friends,  

Acrylic painting on clay
"Sailing Free"
Acrylic on Clay
What a full and invigorating year so far!  And after a short pause, I’m delighted to be art blogging again.  It feels refreshing to once again share my art techniques, new paintings and stimulating art news.  I feel boundless like the person in my painting “Sailing Free”!

Body Checking pastel drawing selected for the Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd Annual Celebration of the Arts
"Body Checking"
Pastel on Paper

I have had splendid motivation this year.  Several of my artworks were accepted into quite a few juried art shows, including the Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd Annual Celebration of the Arts at Amelia Arena, and the 39th Annual International Miniature Art Show at the Dunedin Fine Art Center.

painting of artist going to work
"Artists Going to Work"
Acrylic on Canvas
In the spring, I discovered a nontoxic, non-smelling oil paint that allowed me to revitalize my love for working in oils (hooray!)  With just the three basic primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and a little bit of titanium white, I created a splendid beachscape painting, glimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.   

Oil on wood painting of a boat
"The Boat"
Oil on wood

Perhaps the most ambitious stride this year was the grand opening of Vanessa’s Art Studio

For 4 years prior, I worked and taught private and small group art classes out of my home.  My small home slowly transformed into a small art studio.  It was very successful!  But by the end of 2013, my personal art and the art students had outgrown the space.

 You can still find me in the Westchase neighborhood of Tampa.  Now a days, Vanessa’s Art Studio and its budding artists are located near the intersection of Racetrack Road and Country Way Blvd at: 

12617 Bassbrook Lane
Tampa, FL 33626

If the land and sea between us is vast, follow me on Facebook for a virtual hello:
Join me for my next post, where I will address the information of our 1st Student Art Show.
taking drawing, painting and sculpture classes.

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