Sunday, January 22, 2017

An Easy Strategy To Reach Your Artistic Goals

Are you looking to paint more paintings this year? Are you looking to make your life an artist masterpiece? Maybe, this is the year you stop procrastinating and start creating more art. Perhaps, you want to create the ultimate portfolio that stands out of the crowd. No matter what artist goals you want to achieve, here is an easy strategy to reach your artistic goals.

If you are like most people, by mid-January early February, you are ready to quit your New Year's resolution and go back to square one and to the old habits. So, how can you prevent this from happening in 2017? Let me share with you a trick I learned years ago. Rather than just focusing on the final goal, focus on what you do every day. Don't concentrate on the end goals so much but instead put more emphasis on what daily and weekly practices you can put into action. This doesn't mean that you don't set goals to draw or paint ten masterpiece during the year. It’s much more fundamental than that. It’s about learning how to develop new habits by a shift in perspective. It’s daily and weekly small changes that can lead to shifts in behavior, and accumulate over time to create one massive transformation.

So what are weekly and daily actions you can take to build art progress in your life?
How about getting in the habit of working on your sketchbook every day?
Students that get in the habit of working on their sketchbooks every day tend to progress faster than students that don't have a sketchbook.
How about being committed to attending art class on a weekly basis?
Students that consistently come to class on a weekly basis see progress on their art much faster than students that show up once in a while.
How about practicing on the daily basis what you learned in class weekly?
Students that consistently practice what they learned in class see faster results than those who never do homework. 

So set your daily or weekly habit today and see amazing artists results in the future.


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